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Top 10 Yoga Beginner Poses

July 1st, 2011  |  Published in Yoga Basics, Yoga For Beginner

If you are new to yoga, here are the top 10 yoga beginner poses that are most commonly recommended in yoga.

As a yoga for beginner you will quickly learn that there are many different posture to learn.  Luckily, the basic postures are not only used most frequently throughout your yoga classes and practice, but they are also very easy to do.  You will come to think of these 10 yoga beginner poses listed below old friends. Remember, that if you find that you are having difficulty in performing any of these poses that is OK. It takes some people many years to improve and to do all the poses. Some people may be excellent at performing a specific pose and then have difficulty in performing another.  Every person is different. It is important to not get discouraged in your yoga practice but to continue to attempt to improve.  Every person is at a different level and there is no competition to see who can perform the very best yoga poses. Yoga is a very personal practice.

Savasana: One of the most relaxing Yoga postures. This pose refreshes the entire body and is typically performed during the middle of any asana. Steps include lying on the floor with palms open on sides and legs slightly spread. It is usually done at the end of Yoga.

Sukhasana: One of the comfortable Yoga postures. This yoga pose helps focus on breathing and erects the spine. This post must be done by sitting on the floor cross legged, and hands on the knees.

Surya Namaskar: Considered as the king of every asana.

Sirshasana: This Yoga pose is performed by standing upside down, with straightened back. It helps blood flow through the body and curing diseases.

Bhujangasana: Performed by lying on the floor, belly down, with hands on the floor and slowly breathing. This posture helps in improving the menstrual pains and strengthens the back.

Paschimothanasana: Sit on the floor with stretched legs and a forward bend. This yoga posture promotes relaxation of mind and shoulders.

Dhanurhasana: Is considered as the bow yoga posture. This pose may be done by lying on the belly, with hands holding the legs from behind. Helps digestion.

Ardha Sarvangasana: Thi yoga posture is performed by lying on floor on your back and lifting your legs upward. Stimulates secretion of thyroid and strengthens the abdomen.

Seth Bandhasa: This is the bridge formation. Stretches your back and spine. Performed by simply lying on the floor, placing the hands down inverted on the floor and pushing the body upwards.

Trikonasana: Done by simply spreading your legs and letting your raised fingers touch each foot alternatively. Performed manly to improve focus and concentration on work.

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