Yoga for the Beginner

Yoga Sun Salutation Poses for Beginners

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Yoga For The Beginner

sun salutation poses

Sun Salutation Poses for Beginners

Sun Salutation poses (also known as Salute to the Sun and Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit) are core Hatha style yoga practice.  Sun Salutation poses are typically practiced in the morning at sunrise. A sun salutation is a series of 12 flowing poses done in succession so that one pose transitions gently into the next. The flow pace and duration may vary, but the movement is done in along with the breath. As you extend or stretch you will inhale and as you fold or contract you will exhale. This method is called vinyasa. The purpose of the Sun Salutation poses is to warm up the body for more intense stretches, improve strength and flexibility of the muscles and spinal column. This pose also tones the abdominal muscles. Sun salutation poses are perfect for the days where you need to get get some yoga in and either you do not have time or you are cross training with another exercise such as running

The 12 Sun Salutation Poses

Step by Step on how to do Sun Salutation Poses. It’s very simple and all you need is a Yoga Mat to do this sequence.

Step 1: Prayer pose- Stand tall with your chest out, feet together, knees pulled up and thighs tight. Bring your hands forward in front of your chest as if in prayer, elbows straight.

Step 2: Raised arms pose – Inhale, stretch your arms up over your head, palms still together arching back as far as you can go, stretch with your arms apart.

Step 3: Standing forward bend pose – Exhaling, swing down from the hips keeping your upper body and torso straight. Without bending your knees place your hands on either side of your feet flat on the mat, head as close to your knees as possible.

Step 4: Equestrian pose – Inhale, bring the right foot to the back of the mat on the toes like a lunge. Using your finger tips for support and the left leg at a right angle start bending the extended leg at the knee towards the floor. Look up.

Step 5: Plank pose – Hold in your breath, extend your left leg back on your toes side by side your right without moving the position of your hands and leg at all. Palms flat on the mat, keep your spine straight and elbows locked. Don’t let your head or hips drop. It will look as though you are about to do a push up.

Step 6: Salute with 8 limbs pose – Exhale, bend your elbows towards your body and go down as low as you can at yourshoulders while keeping the rest of your body perfectly stiff exactly like a push up. Once down near the floor, bend and drop your knees, chest and forehead to the ground lightly touching.  Your hips and pelvic should still be raised. Eight points should be touching the floor – forehead, chest, and two palms, both knees and both feet.

Step 7: Cobra pose- Inhale, and swing your body forward, straightening your arms, stretching your shoulders upward, lowering your hips down to the ground. Lift your chest upward, arch your back. Look up towards the ceiling.

Step 8: Downward facing dog pose – Exhale and without moving your hands and feet, tuck your toes and raise your hips and backside up. Elongate the spine and straighten the knees, spreading the fingers evenly push down from your forearms and try to put your heels down to the ground pushing back the thighs. Let your head hang and try lowering your shoulder blades to broaden the collarbone.

Step 9: Equestrian pose – Lunge forward while inhaling and bring your right leg in between your hands repeating the position in Step 4

Step 10: Standing forward bend pose – On exhale, bring the left foot forward next to the right and forward bend into Standing forward bend pose (Step 3).

Step 11: Raised arms pose – Straighten the back and raise your arms above your head, palms joined and repeat Step 2

Step 12: Prayer pose – Lower your hands in down to your chest as in Step 1.

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