Yoga for the Beginner

Getting Started with Yoga

June 30th, 2011  |  Published in Yoga Basics, Yoga For Beginner

Yoga For The Beginner

Getting Started with Yoga on Beach

Getting Started with Yoga is not as hard as most people think

If you are here then it means you probably have a very serious interest in getting started with yoga. Congratulations! You have made a big decision and you will definitely will not regret it. Yoga is an amazing way to improve your health, your mind and your world.  It does sound like a bold promise but it is very true.

Yoga will improve your health by not only offering physical activity but you will also become more mindful of your body and how it works. You will think more about what foods and drinks you put into your body. You many even say to yourself, “If I eat this food, will it make me perform better in yoga?” Yoga will give you more flexibility and stamina.  As you loosen up in your yoga poses your body is getting more and more strong and flexible.  But don’t worry. You don’t have to start out flexible. The good thing about yoga is that everyone is at different levels in their yoga practice. You will be amazed at the flexibility and strength of some of your yoga partners. But do not be discouraged. It is not a competition and you are at your own level of yoga.  Eventually, with practice you will notice yourself getting stronger and more flexible.

Yoga is great for athletes of all sorts.  Many times runners only focus on their legs and neglect other areas of the body.  Yoga helps runners and other athletes improve their fitness that they neglect in their normal athletic activities. Even football players and basketball players can improve.  Have you heard about football players doing yoga in the off-season? They do! They have discovered the powerful and beneficial effects of yoga that you too will find.

In addition, getting started with yoga will open your mind to a world you probably have not experience before. I know you think I’m getting hippy on you and that is not true.  You will learn to manage your stress better.  You will will get less angry, less quickly.  You will definitely begin to think more about life and other things that you have not considered before.  The practice of yoga teaches you to be more mindful of your surroundings.  You may find that you become nicer. You many also find that you smile more or those frown lines in between your eyes are not as deep as they used to be.


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