Yoga for the Beginner

Choosing Your Yoga Accessories

June 30th, 2011  |  Published in Featured, Yoga Accessories, Yoga Basics, Yoga For Beginner

Yoga For The Beginner

Yoga Mat


Choosing Your Yoga Accessories

As a yoga beginner choosing your yoga accessories can present a small, frustrating challenge as there are many choice in yoga mats, blocks, weights, bands, eye pillows and of course let’s not forget the yoga clothes. It is quite overwhelming for a yoga beginner. When deciding on choosing your yoga accessories we have put together a few simple tips.

Choosing your Yoga Mat

There are many types of yoga mats on the market today. Many years ago you took what you could get when it came to using a yoga mat. Now they have eco-friendly yoga mats, lightweight yoga mats, yoga mats with strings attached to carry them over your shoulder, rollable and foldable mats. Mostly choosing your yoga mat depends on personal use and preference. Will you be driving to yoga class so you can just throw your mat in the trunk and go? Then it won’t really matter how heavy your mat is but if you’re taking the subway to yoga class then you’ll probably want a light weight yoga mat. Some people like to carry their yoga mats in a yoga bag. They come in a variety of styles and can protect your yoga mat from the elements and unnecessary wear and tear.

Choosing your Yoga Clothing

When choosing your yoga clothing you will want to find clothing that is flexible and comfortable.  Most women prefer to wear cropped stretch yoga pants. This allows for your body to remain cool although you will probably break a sweat. Also, you’ll be able to retain a little modesty in your stretches. Sometimes things begin to how do we say this politely, begin to shift out.  So definitely consider wearing longer pants instead of shorts to practice your yoga especially if you will be attending a class. Many times males will wear sports shorts with the mesh underlining.

For tops wear a shirt that breathes well and is not too restricting.  Many men will wear t-shirts or tank tops. You’ll find that women will mostly wear tanks and spaghetti strap tanks often with a built in bra.  This is the most comfortable clothing to wear.  You will not need shoes. Most people wear flip flops to class or when changing out of their work clothes will have a pair of flips flops to pad around in . Remember that you must take your shoes off when you enter the studio and often there will be cubbies for you to place your belongings if there are not lockers in the changing rooms or you want to make sure to keep your items with you.

Most other items that you will need for practicing yoga will be provided to you in class.  If you choose to do class alone, it is unlikely that you will need straps and blocks as a beginner.  We hope that these tips have been helpful in choosing your yoga accessories.


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