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At Yoga for the Beginner we know that yoga can be intimidating to the beginner. We have experienced the same worries about beginning yoga that you may have. I started Yoga for the Beginner because I remember when I was just getting interested in yoga but was very intimidated by the lifestyle and the people.  It’s funny looking back now that I was afraid, but it was very real and it held me back. I regret that I did not start yoga sooner. It has become a daily part of my life that I thrive on. It gives me balance, health and so much strength and purpose. Before I tried yoga I did not have any of that.

How I got started doing Yoga

When I was in high school I was an athlete, but all that competition really burned me out. To exercise I went to the gym and I ran around the park, but I always felt something was missing.  I had heard about yoga but did not think of it as a sport or a way to stay in good physical shape. In fact, I am ashamed to admit that I scoffed a little at the idea of doing yoga. Basically I thought it was just glorified stretching. Boy was I wrong!

A friend of mine who was in amazing shape and also a runner did yoga and told me about it. He asked if I wanted to go. I said no way. Every few days he was tell me he was going to yoga and wanted to know if I wanted to go along. He persisted and finally I relented and went with him. Mostly I was curious.  He had shown me a picture of his friend who was the instructor and she had an amazing body!  I was jealous.  And he told me it was all through doing yoga.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

And then I was hooked on Yoga

During that first yoga class I fell in love.  I had so much fun but it was actually really hard! I thought I was in great shape. I was 23 years old, a runner, I did not drink or smoke but I seriously had some difficulty with the moves. To be honest, it is not difficult to do yoga, but if you want to improve yourself then you must push yourself and that is what I decided I wanted to do. That competitive athlete came out of me!  After that day I went to class every chance that I could get. I loved yoga!

How can Yoga for the Beginner help you?

The articles on this site are meant only for the beginner yoga.  We will have more information, tips and advice as we  grow.  I’d love to hear about your yoga journey.  Please email me at!

I have put together a few simple posts that I think you might be interested in that are best for the yoga beginner:

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